Depending on the item, adjustments ranging between 1 and 10 cm can be made to adapt the shower unit, by means of wall uprights.


The shower unit can be fitted with opening side on the right or on the 1eft according to the environment needs.



The shower unit can be fitted even in the most difficult and problematic situations finding the best technical and aesthetic solution.



Each Lacus product can be matched to one or more walls according to the environment needs.



Mechanism which allows the door, once opened, to lift up limiting the wear of the bottom seal and favoring the movement and, once closed, to perfectly bond to the edge of the shower or bath.



The double opening of the LPB system - both inwards and outwards, and on the right and on the left - makes the shower unit more comfortable and safe.



A functional release system makes it possible to assemble and disassemble the sliding panel  facilitating the cleaning of the shower unit, the moving mechanism and the shower tray.



The sliding doors feature smooth and lasting teflon ball bearings which can be vertically adjusted in order to regulate the inclination of the doors.



Lacus shower units come already assembled and ready for an easy and fast installation. The necessary assembly kit (holes for the wall assembly, screws and screw covers) is also provided. Each package contains the assembling instruction manual.



Each product is packed in boxes for greater protection. The heaviest shower units are in various packages in order to facilitate the handling and avoid breakage. Each package is labeled so as to view its content and always guarantee the product traceability.